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qualityfox offers a talent pool full of active & passive candidates, personnel solutions & recruiting specialized for the target group of quality management and LEAN management. We ourselves, both as applicants and as hiring managers, were affected by poor personnel recruiters and job boards and now offer solutions that work!

qualityfox® services at a glance

Personalgewinnung & Personalsuche & Recruiting im Qualitätsmanagement - Job suchen

JOB-market for the target group

The qualityfox job market exclusively offers jobs and career opportunities in the areas of quality management and LEAN management. This has massively increased the attractiveness and made it easier to find great jobs for the target group! 

qualityfox recruiting and active sourcing

Advertising services & personnel recruitment with success

We can help you with our advertising services and find and convince your colleagues of tomorrow. Discreet and competent. We offer you tailor-made solutions and support based on your situation!

Personalgewinnung & Personalsuche & Recruiting im Qualitätsmanagement Kandidaten für Jobs in der Qualitätsbranche. Gefunden durch qualityfox.

Talent pool, full of passive & active candidates!

Contact us or book a free online INFO conversation directly via our website. Calendar entry including MS Teams – link to it follows automatically!

Personalgewinnung & Personalsuche & Recruiting im Qualitätsmanagement - Job suchen

qualityfox Interim Management for a time

Do you need a quick solution for your personnel challenges in quality management or LEAN management? We are happy to make our experts available to you for temporary or long-term projects. Your advantage: Our professionals can, for example Develop your employees for the position you are looking for!

qualityfox hands on support

"hands on" implementation & coaching

We can help you, for example: for supplier audits,
Supplier developments, benchmark audits for new ideas, moderation of P-FMEAs, problem-solving workshops
A3/8D. Just like when setting up key figure cockpits for better control and the like.

qualityfox analyse

Organizational and Structural analysis

If requested, we will evaluate the structure and your distribution of tasks in quality assurance and LEAN management. A trained outside perspective as a benchmark can be helpful in assigning the right priority to your resources and thus achieving your goals with less stress.
Apart from that, we would be happy to advise you on personnel structure and modern quality management.

Trainings & Workshops

We develop and offer training and workshops from practice for practice. What is important, pragmatically and individually, in order to achieve your individual goals or solve problems sustainably? We are also translators from theoretical standard training to your practice!

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qualityfox is specialized in quality management and LEAN management!

At qualityfox, the focus is on quality management and LEAN management. We focus on real problem solutions that are individually and specifically tailored to the needs of our customers. Our unique solutions and approaches have proven themselves on the market and guarantee demonstrable success. Thanks to our decades of experience in quality management, LEAN management and HR management, for example, we understand the needs of companies and applicants. We bring employees and employers together efficiently and ensure that they are a perfect match. From newcomers to top management, we support companies in attracting and retaining qualified and satisfied employees.

Contact us and see our customized solutions for yourself!

qualityfox® Knowledge:

Interim Management qualityfox 2

Interim manager: the job of the future

Why will more and more interim managers (IM) be needed in the future and why are more and more managers opting for temporary projects?

Field of Quality

The understanding of quality management is very different. On the one hand, this is because there are no professions to be learned in quality management in the traditional sense with an apprenticeship, vocational school and qualification. On the other hand ...